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hank you for visiting MDIPiper.com! I'm Chris Gray, a piper, percussionist, and painter from Mount Desert Island, Maine, and I'm working on a new album of traditional and original music for the Irish and Scottish Pipes. This project is titled Fuist [fwisht], which means "hush" in Irish, a play on the expection of ear-splitting pipes, the surprisingly pleasant mellowness of the bellowed pipes featured on this album, and the lovely irony of the quiet and introverted piper.

Fuist is rooted in the dance music of Ireland, but it features some wonderfully diverse tunes, from Irish slip jigs to sultry Scottish minuets, Galician retreats and a poignant Swedish waltz. It also features a range of instruments from the bagpipes and whistles to the Bodhrán, riqq, and the Swedish willow flute…. As well as wonderful performances by some very special guest musicians! This album reflects my own unique journey into Trad music, and those eclectic influences, instruments and sounds that inspired and propelled me along this path. You will also find several tracks that explore the intersection of traditional dance music and electronic dance music, with their deeply rhythmic melodies.

School of Music, UCC, Cork

About Me

I studied music and art at Bowdoin College, and went on to pursue my diploma in Irish music and Masters in Ethnomusicology from University College Cork in Ireland. I'm currently a faculty member at the Acadia School of Traditional Music and Art, an instructor at the Pipers' Gathering, and graphic and web designer for the Village Green Arts Association, a non-profit dedicated to fostering community through the arts.

I hope that you'll consider donating to this project. There are a number of awesome rewards for different donation levels, from signed copies of Fuist, dedicated tunes, my full digital discography from Piob More to Rhythms of the Heart, private lessons, house concerts, and personal planxties.

I look forward to sharing my music with all of you. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have!

Chris Gray and Gus La Casse on stage at the Acadian World Congress, 2014

Bagpiper for Hire

Chris is available for Bagpipe and Celtic Music concerts, dances, weddings, funerals, or other occasions. Price list available upon request.

Painting Commissions

Chris is currently accepting commissions for Landscape and Portrait painting. Prints of existing artwork are available upon request.


Chris provides lessons on a variety of instruments, from the Great Highland Bagpipes to the Irish Uilleann Pipes, the Irish tin whistle, and the Scottish smallpipes. He is also an accomplished drummer and percussionist, and can provide lessons on the drumset, the Middle Eastern Riqq, the Irish Bodhran, etc.


"I had the pleasure of hearing Chris this past weekend with an Irish band MacLir at Finn’s Irish Pub. I was impressed not only with his playing the Uilleann pipes, but in particular his beautiful and extended version on Low Whistle of Pachelbel’s Canon, with some lovely improvisations.

"I couldn't help but remember some years ago on Sesame Street when I had the opportunity and thrill to do a piece with James Galway. I think he would have been equally impressed hearing Chris. Your years studying and playing in Ireland shone through beautifully.

"The next time I am in Maine, I hope to hear you again... it was the highlight of our vacation!

Bob McGrath
"Bob of Sesame Street"

"Acadia" by Chris Gray

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